Better Vision at Home

Better Vision at Home

This module is essential for  becoming ready for school and future years. it provides very important foundational visual skills that are vital for children's learning. These skills are imperative in order for our children to learn and be able to concentrate at school. This will give them the best start for Learning as works on strong correlation between Learning, Vision and Behaviour.



Course Details

This course is best suited for Children 4-6 who:

  • Loose their spot when reading
  • Easily frustrated with school work
  • Avoids reading, English, maths or homework
  • Struggles to copy from the board
  • Easily distracted & lacks concentration
  • Watches or plays Over 1 Hour on electronic devices outside of school per day?


This course is a series of videos and worksheets and designed to take no more than 30 minutes per day

Course Inclusions:

  • Exercises and instructions for improving your child’s vision and learning capabilities
  • Work sheets
  • Videos
  • Equipment


Activities are designed to increase & Improve:

  • Concentration at Kindy/ Prep
  • Retention of words, letters and numbers
  • Organisational skills & follow sequential instructions
  • Learning capacity and efficiency to learn